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Advisory & Professional Consultation

Banking and Finance

  • 1. Cash and Trade Management
  • 2. Credit Risk Management
  • 3. Operational Risk Management
  • 4. Human Resources

Accounting and Tax

  • 1. Auditing
  • 2. Balance sheet reviews
  • 3. Taxation

Specialized Topics

  • 1. Evaluating Key Macro Economics Variables
  • 2. Dynamic Asset and Liability Management
  • 3. Head Hunting and Recruitment

Software Implementations

  • 1. Project Management
  • 2. Software testing
  • 3. Vendor Selection
  • 4. RFP Writing
  • 5. Contract Negotiations

Professional Developments and Coaching – Catalogue


Provides the experienced manager with the skills to take their leadership to the next level, and an amateur leader the right skills to cultivate their leadership styles with the right guidance.

Employee Motivation

Best methods that fosters a motivational work environment, ultimately creating a successfully strong team of efficient and highly motivated employees.

Business Etiquette

Communication styles, dining etiquette, meeting etiquette, travel etiquette, email etiquette, voicemail etiquette, business cocktail party etiquette, wardrobe etiquette, and more.

Women in Management

Effective ways of communicating, influencing and presenting, with a view towards occupying senior roles. better understanding of gender in the landscape of their particular workplace.

Business Communication

Develop your business communication skills and build rapport with colleagues and customers.

Team Building

Useful in defining roles amongst teams and involves collective tasks. Numerous team-building trainings objective is to bring out and report interpersonal difficulties in a team.

Personal Grooming

Train and develop participants to become refined in appearance, approach, grace, style, tone & communication with a view to conforming to corporate & business etiquette.

Gender Equation in Workplace

Develop and/or strengthen awareness and understanding of gender equality and women’s empowerment as a step towards behavioral change and the integration of a gender perspective